Gwalior Nagar Nigam

Gwalior Nagar Nigam

Gwalior Municipal Corporation came into existence in 1887. It was established by the Council of Regency which was responsible for administration of the Gwalior Estate. Gwalior Municipal Corporation extended its scope of work and included another 75 villages in its limit to extend its jurisdiction area to 289 sq. km. of land. The city is currently divided into 66 wards. Each ward elects a Corporator. The winning party elects a council of members, who are responsible for various departments. The council members chose the Mayor among themselves. At present, there are sixty one members in the council. The Commissioner of Gwalior is the highest officer of Municipal Corporate Office, which is responsible for the departments of public works, revenue and tax, water supply, planning and development, fire brigade, health and sanitation, finance and accounts etc.

Gwalior Nagar Nigam
Gwalior Nagar Nigam

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