The Indian economy is growing and so are the demands of its 1.2 billion people. With the increased purchasing power and better access to quality products at discounted rates, every Indian wants to get a new TV or a Microwave to serve their needs. This silent revolution in the electronic appliances market is taking India by storm and also making our people more technologically advanced. The Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics appliances has witnessed a substantial growth since the process of liberalisation began. The demand of electronics in the Indian market is projected to rise to US $125 billion in next 2-3 years and US $ 400 billion by 2020.

Many Indian Companies and MNCs are involved in electronic sector. These companies are trying to provide better services to their customers. Even if any customer is not satisfied with their services, then they have toll free or customer care Numbers for their help. The Companies of  electronic  sector are given below. Those who want to make  complaint against these companies, please click on the below images :-

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